What are home groups?

We aim to provide a church community in which people can grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and apply it to their lives. One aspect of this is participation in small home groups which provide a relatively informal environment to build relationships and provide both prayerful and practical support as we care for one another. Home groups meet in the middle of the week for worship, bible study and prayer and enable individuals to discover and exercise their gifts and ministries.

In SBC we believe home groups are an integral part of the church community and a significant aspect of personal growth and well being. We have a growing number of groups over the island, each reflecting their own personal identity, each geared to meet theĀ needs of the individuals within the groups.

In the groups you will discover a blend of worship, bible study, teaching, fellowship and friendship. The essence of each group is to encourage personal growth and to build on and expand a personal knowledge of Jesus in our everyday lives. But it’s also a means to build and develop a growing sense of community and belonging within the church body as a whole.

Contact Pastor Gary or Pastor Andy for more information.