How can I grow?

Home Groups

Much of our personal growth comes from fellowship, and the sharing of our lives with other believers. The home groups are an ideal environment for this to take place. Although each home group has its own character and flavour, the essence of each group is to promote personal growth through a closer walk with Jesus.

‘Freedom in Christ’ Course

Freedom in Christ is a discipleship course that lays the foundations of how we can discover the life of freedom that Jesus promises. It touches on all the basics of the Christian walk and explains in simple practical terms the essential truths we need to understand. Andy and Anne organise new courses throughout the year as required. For more information please contact Anne on 01470 572 362.

Baton Course

The Baton course is a two year course of study, organised by the Apostolic Church of Great Britain. It covers all the major areas of doctrine, leadership, pastoral care, preaching, evangelism and many more. It is an ideal course for training potential leaders.

Alpha Course

These will be run at different times throughout the year.